Sterigenics Releases Update Regarding Chicago Area Background Air Testing Results

Over the past several weeks, the results of numerous air sample tests across the Chicago area, including Willowbrook and Burr Ridge, have been released to the public. The attached map places the air testing results in context and demonstrates that the detection levels of ethylene oxide (“EO”) in Willowbrook and Burr Ridge are consistent with the detection levels of EO across the Chicago area.

It is no surprise that the samples indicate variable levels of EO in the air across the area. As broad sampling data shows, EO levels vary greatly based on a number of factors including proximity to sources of EO, of which there are many including exhaust from diesel trucks and automobiles, and the weather conditions on the days that samples were collected.

As indicated by the US EPA, the air testing results from the EPA remain under review and it is premature to draw conclusions from the data. Sterigenics has operated, and continues to operate, safely and well under the limits of its permit and the regulations and remains committed to working with public officials as regulations evolve in the continued interest of public safety.

For more details regarding the methodology used in conducting the Chicago area air sample test, click here.